The Systems Software Research Group is breaking new ground in research on Data-Intensive Computing, Operating Systems; Mobile Computing Group Management, Reputation, Tagging, and Games; Security and Cell Phones, Root Kits, Hypervisors, SCADA Systems; Location Awareness; and 3-D Immersive Technology.

Distributed Systems

Welcome! Our work in distributed systems spans multiple core areas. From cloud operating systems and software defined architectures to dynamic mobile computing – we have people working on it.

Next-Generation Computing

Our group is working on the emerging topic of software-defined network. We are investigating in what ways this new paradigm of network deployment and control can impact the security, policy enforcement, performance, and operation of modern networks and the applications that use them.


Our group focuses on security vulnerabilities in multiple real-world situations. This ranges in the form of evaluating the power grid to presenting education curriculum to students near and far. Our goal is to not only contribute to the security research community but also create better security researchers for the future.