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Support for Mobile Augmented and Synthesized Worlds, Jeon, Won J., and Campbell Roy H. , Department of Computer Science Report, 12/2007, Urbana, (2007)
iKernel: Isolating Buggy and Malicious Device Drivers Using Hardware Virtualization Support, Tan, Lin, Chan Ellick M., Farivar Reza, Mallick Nevedita, Carlyle Jeffrey C., David Francis M., and Campbell Roy H. , 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing (DASC'07), Columbia, MD, p.134--142, (2007)
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Clicky: User Input In Pervasive Systems, Weiler, Andrew , Computer Science, August, Volume MS, Urbana, Illinois, (2006)
Clicky: Input in Pervasive Systems, Weiler, Andrew, Naisbitt Jeffrey, and Campbell Roy H. , On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2006: OTM 2006 Workshops, Volume 4278/2006, Berlin / Heidelberg, p.1337-1346, (2006) Abstract
Context and Location-Aware Encryption for Pervasive Computing Environments, Al-Muhtadi, Jalal, Hill Raquel, Campbell Roy H., and Mickunas Dennis , International Workshop on Pervasive Computing and Communication Security (PerSec 2006), Pisa, Italy, (2006)
Exception Handling in the Choices Operating System, David, Francis M., Carlyle Jeffrey C., Chan Ellick M., Raila David K., and Campbell Roy H. , Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume Advanced Topics in Excep, New York, NY, USA, p.42--61, (2006)
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Multiple Design Patterns for Securing Voice over IP, Anwar, Zahid, Yurcik William, Johnson Ralph E., Hafiz Munawar, and Campbell Roy H. , Workshop on Information Assurance (WIA) at the 25th IEEE International Performance Computing & Communications (IPCCC), Phoenix, Arizona USA, (2006)
SPEEDS - A First Step Toward Enhancing Privacy Protection in P2P Social Network Communities, Anwar, Zahid, Wang Jun, Yurcik William, Gupta Indranil, and Campbell Roy H. , 14th International Conference on Telecommunication Systems - Modeling and Analysis (ICTSM), Philadelphia PA USA, (2006)
Threat Analysis of GNU Software Radio, Hill, Raquel, Myagmar Suvda, and Campbell Roy H. , Proceedings of the 6th World Wireless Congress, May, San Francisco, CA, (2005)
Supporting Tasks in a Programmable Smart Home, Ranganathan, Anand, and Campbell Roy H. , ICOST 2005: 3rd International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematic—From Smart Homes to Smart Care, July 4-6, Magog, Canada, (2005)
Threat Modelling Networked and Data-Centric Systems, Myagmar, Suvda , Computer Science, 8/2005, Volume MS, Urbana, Illinois, (2005)